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Positive Learning Curve is a devoted consulting agency that focuses on the human side of businesses. Learning and development is a key aspect of business that the majority of businesses put aside for later developing their plans. We work with small, medium and large companies and help them develop the programs they need, that their employees want. Explore more offerings by clicking below.



Our projects and programs range from a wide variety depending on our clients needs. In all aspects of work and life, there is a learning curve and we dedicate ourselves to offering the most accurate and relevant knowledge. Whatever your company size, we operate within your walls for a personalized experience and journey you'll be glad you began.



Scott Cvetkovski has been in business for many years as an internal and outside consultant. He has worked with kids, teens, and adults revolving around learning, training, and development. His expertise of career development, leadership, emotional intelligence and learning and development makes him diverse and adaptable to the needs of clients large and small. Click below to see more about Scott.



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